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汇报题目:参加Micor & Nano Engineering (MNE2019)参会报告




会议名称:Micor & Nano Engineering (MNE2019)

会议时间:23rd-26thSeptember 2019

会议地点:Rhodes, Greece

会议简介:As an old-brand international conference, the 45st Micor & Nano Engineering will be held in a beautiful seaside Greek city— Rhodes,23rd-26th September 2019. The conference will provide information on recent advances and trends on scientific research, development and manufacturing technology in the area of sensors & actuators, nanostrutured surface,lab on chip and so on. Meanwhile, a technical exhibition will be held during the conference. All conference activity will be hosted in Rhodes Palace hotel, where easily reached by ground transportation from the airport. More than 800 experts and scholars from all over the world will be attend MNE,who can communicate deeply in terms of diverse issues at micro & nano system field.


Poster Presentation: Design and performance analysis of a microgravity accelerometer with quasi-zero stiffness characteristic



Title:Design and performance analysis of a microgravity accelerometer with quasi-zero stiffness characteristic

Author:Yuxing Duan , Xueyong Wei*, Minghui Zhao, Ziming Ren, Huiying Zhao and Juan Ren

Abstract:We report a nonlinear electrothermal-loaded accelerometer for microgravity measurement, achieving quasi-zero stiffness nearby its static equilibrium position. Thehigh mechanical sensitivity is attributed analytically to the compression of the spring, in addition to the geometric parameters matched with quasi-zero stiffness characteristic. To make the designed spring compressed effectively, a V-shape electrothermal actuators was adopted after analysis. The FEA results in multiphysics distinctly show the different property of the accelerometer when it is at applied voltage or not, verifying that the electrothermal-loaded mechanism exerts an effective influence on accelerometer’s sensitivity. At the applied voltage of 22.3 V, the natural frequency of the accelerometer decreases from 501.95 Hz to 8.24 Hz, while the other two higher mode frequencies remain above 500 Hz. This mechanism introduces a narrower linear region of output displacement but a rather large displacement response, that is, the accelerometer’s vertical stiffness is approximately 0.007 N/m and realize the quasi-zero stiffness.

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