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10月8日创新港印度国家科学院、工程院院士Nikhil R Pal学术讲座

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应国际机械中心执行主任严如强教授邀请,印度国家科学院、工程院院士Nikhil R Pal将于2019年10月8日带来题为“Artificial Intelligence: ‘Winters’ and ‘Booms’- what we got and what we miss!”的学术讲座,欢迎各位老师、同学前往聆听、现场交流。



讲座题目:Artificial Intelligence: “Winters” and “Booms”- what we got and what we miss!

讲座人:Nikhil R Pal

讲座摘要:In this talk I shall briefly go through the history of evolution of AI – how it has sailed through “AI Winters” and “AI Booms” and has come to the present state. In the recent past there have been several success stories of AI systems, often beating human performance and this has caused our expectation from AI to skyrocket. In many cases, neural networks, in particular deep neural networks, are the main pillars of such systems. But are these systems comprehensible and/or biologically plausible? In most cases, they are not! In my view, comprehensibility of a system depends, at least, on the following: simplicity, transparency, explainability, trustworthiness, and the biological plausibility of such systems. Ideally, we should strive for realizing all these attributes in any AI system, but this is very difficult. So I shall follow an easier path to describe how some these attributes may be realized separately. I shall illustrate each case with some examples.

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